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Sizing Chart

Rings are supplied in an average finger size of L-M. Each design can be resized to order. Note that we use the British Standards letters for sizing our rings. Sizing will vary somewhat depending on the width of the ring. Not all designs can be resized, so it is important to get the sizing right. 

You are welcome to pop into the studio at 522 King St Newtown, NSW and we can size your finger in person. Alternatively we can send you a handy ring sizing tool free of charge.
It is always best to have your size determined by a professional, so if you have a friendly local Jeweller you could ask them, not all shops like doing that though, so ask them really nicely. 

If you want to estimate your ring size at home, get a ring that fits that finger, and lay it over a ruler with millimeter markings. I need the precise INTERNAL DIAMETER of that ring. The chart below will convert that internal diameter into the British letter system that we use. If your measurement falls between these sizes that’s fine, just let me know the exact mm size. Put this measurement in your order details please. 


Here is an international ring size conversion chart also, in case you know your size in a different system.