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Rose gold and Sterling silver twig bangles on trumpet


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Twig Bangle
Twig Bangle Sale price$231.00
Jane's Addiction Bangle with Black Enamel Background
Grandchildren’s Name BangleGrandchildren’s Name Bangle
Grandchildren’s Name Bangle Sale price$2,966.00
Hearts and Crossbones Bangle
Bamboo Bangle
Bamboo Bangle Sale price$231.00
Bukowski Quote Bangle with Black Enamel background
Little Bee Pendant
Little Bee Pendant Sale price$132.00
Mermaid Tail Pendant
Mermaid Tail Pendant Sale price$132.00
Bone Charm
Bone Charm Sale price$99.00
King St Metalsmiths Charm Bracelet
Birdcage Charm
Birdcage Charm Sale price$99.00
Victorian Ladies Hand charmVictorian Ladies Hand charm
Femur Bracelet
Femur Bracelet Sale price$297.00
Baby Name Bangle
Baby Name Bangle Sale price$429.00
Complicated Hearts Bangle
Complicated Hearts Bangle Sale price$824.00
Hearts and Crossbones Bangle
Silver Wine Bottle Charm
Silver Wine Bottle Charm Sale price$99.00
Wine Glass Charm
Wine Glass Charm Sale price$99.00