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From the traditional to the experimental, King St Metalsmiths are passionate about creating wedding bands that are as unique as your relationship. From a simple wedding band to something totally unique, we will help you create treasures that symbolise your love and become family heirlooms. 

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Tantalum, Gold and Ironbark Ring
Norse Ring
Norse Ring Sale price$2,420.00
Fleur Dy Lys Wedding Ring with Black and White Diamonds
Diamond Wedding Ring Set
Diamond Wedding Ring Set Sale price$1,400.00
Classic Matte Finish Wedding Band
Black Diamond Fitted Wedding Band
Black Diamond Ring
Black Diamond Ring Sale price$1,950.00
Black diamond ringBlack diamond ring
Black diamond ring Sale price$750.00
Thistle Chevron RingThistle Chevron Ring
Thistle Chevron Ring Sale price$1,200.00
Wide Rose Gold RingWide Rose Gold Ring
Wide Rose Gold Ring Sale price$1,500.00
Finger Print Wedding Rings
Finger Print Wedding Rings Sale price$800.00
Rose Gold Buckle Ring
Rose Gold Buckle Ring Sale price$1,450.00
Rose Gold Filigree Ring
Rose Gold Filigree Ring Sale price$1,200.00
Rose Gold Pressed Metal Wedding Rings
Pastel Rainbow Sapphire RingPastel Rainbow Sapphire Ring
Pastel Rainbow Sapphire Ring Sale price$2,250.00
Star Set Sapphire Ring
Star Set Sapphire Ring Sale price$1,900.00
Antique Scroll Wedding Ring
Antique Scroll Wedding Ring Sale price$1,200.00
Posie Ring
Posie Ring Sale price$900.00
Pink Gold and Diamond Eternity Ring
Diamond Crown ringDiamond Crown ring
Diamond Crown ring Sale price$2,250.00
Gypsy Set Ring
Gypsy Set Ring Sale price$2,250.00
White Gold Diamond Wedding Band with Art Deco Pattern
Binary Code Rings
Binary Code Rings Sale price$1,650.00
Ironbark Wave RingIronbark Wave Ring
Ironbark Wave Ring Sale price$2,300.00
Ironbark wedding ring
Ironbark wedding ring Sale price$2,450.00
Carbon Fibre Ring
Carbon Fibre Ring Sale price$1,250.00
Silver Scroll Ring
Silver Scroll Ring Sale price$450.00
Silver and Bronze Steampunk Ring
Tantalum and Black Diamond Ring
Carbon Fibre and Tantalum ring
Tantalum and Diamond Ring with Rose Gold Sleeve
Carbon Fibre and black diamond ring
Textured Tantalum Ring
Textured Tantalum Ring Sale price$730.00
Cobblestone Ring
Cobblestone Ring Sale price$550.00
Silver Cobblestone ring
Silver Cobblestone ring Sale price$450.00
Golden Cobblestone Ring
Golden Cobblestone Ring Sale price$1,250.00
Cuttlefish Cast Rings
Cuttlefish Cast Rings Sale price$1,650.00
Rose Gold Black Diamond Ring
Rose Gold Black Diamond Ring Sale price$3,270.00
Black Diamond Bead Set Ring
Black Diamond Bead Set Ring Sale price$750.00
White Diamond Bead Set Ring
White Diamond Bead Set Ring Sale price$750.00
Rose Gold Star Set Ruby Ring
Rose Gold Star Set Ruby Ring Sale price$1,400.00
TANTALUM AND GOLD RING Sale price$1,850.00