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Sterling Silver open book pendant


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Sugar Skull NecklaceSugar Skull Necklace
Sugar Skull Necklace Sale price$310.00
Grizzly Bear Pendant
Grizzly Bear Pendant Sale price$198.00
Victorian Ladies Hand charmVictorian Ladies Hand charm
Femur Bone Fob Necklace
Femur Bone Fob Necklace Sale price$758.00
Bone Fob Chain
Bone Fob Chain Sale price$182.00
Victorian Ladies Hands Rude Finger Lariat Necklace
Medusa Pendant
Medusa Pendant Sale price$145.00
Strength Lion Tarot Pendant
Strength Lion Tarot Pendant Sale price$198.00
Little Bee Pendant
Little Bee Pendant Sale price$132.00
Mermaid Tail Pendant
Mermaid Tail Pendant Sale price$132.00
Birdcage Necklace
Birdcage Necklace Sale price$178.00
Star Set Open Book Necklace
Star Set Open Book Necklace Sale price$363.00
Starfish Pendant
Starfish Pendant Sale price$195.00
Mini Anatomical Heart Pendant
Anatomical Heart and Bone Charm Necklace
Golden Bee Pendant
Golden Bee Pendant Sale price$231.00
Barrel of Monkeys Necklace
Barrel of Monkeys Necklace Sale price$261.00
Wishbone Pendant
Wishbone Pendant Sale price$211.00
Monogram Plectrum Pendant
Monogram Plectrum Pendant Sale price$396.00
Open your Heart Anatomical Heart Locket with Red Enamel Interior
Oscar's Rocket Pendant
Oscar's Rocket Pendant Sale price$264.00
Topograhical Moon Map Pendant
Anatomical Heart Locket with Garnet Beads
Anatomical Heart Cremains PendantAnatomical Heart Cremains Pendant
Hand Engraved Open Book NecklaceHand Engraved Open Book Necklace
Collect your tears necklace
Collect your tears necklace Sale price$178.00
Antique Key and Children's Teeth Necklace
Sterling Silver Garnet PendantSterling Silver Garnet Pendant
Roller skate Pendant
Roller skate Pendant Sale price$165.00
Topographical Moon Map Cremains Pendant
Old Swing Pendant
Old Swing Pendant Sale price$185.00
Double Roller Skate Necklace
UFO Pendant
UFO Pendant Sale price$165.00
Deep Sea Mine Pendant
Deep Sea Mine Pendant Sale price$261.00
Bullets From The Shed
Bullets From The Shed Sale price$3,592.00
Solstice Bunnies Spinning Coin PendantSolstice Bunnies Spinning Coin Pendant
Solstice Bunnies Double Bunnies NecklaceSolstice Bunnies Double Bunnies Necklace
Silver Wine Bottle Charm
Silver Wine Bottle Charm Sale price$99.00
Wine Glass Charm
Wine Glass Charm Sale price$99.00