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King St Metalsmiths

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9ct Rose Gold Emerald Cut Garnet Drop Earrings
Amethyst Cabochon Dome Ring
Amethyst Cabochon Dome Ring Sale price$450.00
Amethyst Claw Set RingAmethyst Claw Set Ring
Amethyst Claw Set Ring Sale price$2,200.00
Amethyst Signet RingAmethyst Signet Ring
Amethyst Signet Ring Sale price$600.00
Anatomical Big Heart Wax Seal Ring
Anatomical Heart and Bone Charm Necklace
Anatomical Heart Drop Earrings
Ancient Treasure RingAncient Treasure Ring
Ancient Treasure Ring Sale price$3,000.00
Antique Key and Children's Teeth Necklace
Antique Key Bracelet
Antique Key Bracelet Sale price$360.00
Archibald Memorial RingsArchibald Memorial Rings
Archibald Memorial Rings Sale price$5,500.00
Art Deco Platinum Earrings
Art Deco Platinum Earrings Sale price$7,500.00
Baby Name Bangle
Baby Name Bangle Sale price$650.00
Baby Rocket Earrings
Baby Rocket Earrings Sale price$400.00
Bamboo Bangle
Bamboo Bangle Sale price$350.00
Big Skull RingBig Skull Ring
Big Skull Ring Sale price$750.00
Birdcage Charm
Birdcage Charm Sale price$150.00
Black Diamond Bead Set Ring
Black Diamond Bead Set Ring Sale price$750.00
Black Diamond Fitted Wedding Band
Black diamond ringBlack diamond ring
Black diamond ring Sale price$750.00
Black Diamond Ring
Black Diamond Ring Sale price$1,950.00
Black Spinel RingBlack Spinel Ring
Black Spinel Ring Sale price$1,550.00
Black Spinel Scroll RingBlack Spinel Scroll Ring
Black Spinel Scroll Ring Sale price$1,200.00
Black Swan Sterling Silver Necklace
Bone Charm
Bone Charm Sale price$150.00
Bone Fob Chain
Bone Fob Chain Sale price$275.00
Boulder Opal and Rainbow Sapphire RingBoulder Opal and Rainbow Sapphire Ring
Boulder Opal Renaissance RingBoulder Opal Renaissance Ring
Boulder Opal Renaissance Ring Sale price$6,250.00
Boulder Opal RingBoulder Opal Ring
Boulder Opal Ring Sale price$4,200.00
Brain Drop Earrings
Brain Drop Earrings Sale price$200.00
Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Set
Carbon Fibre and black diamond ring
Carbon Fibre and Tantalum ring
Carbon Fibre Ring
Carbon Fibre Ring Sale price$1,250.00
Citrine Cabochon Dome Ring
Citrine Cabochon Dome Ring Sale price$450.00
Citrine Custom Cut Titania RingCitrine Custom Cut Titania Ring
Classic Brilliant Cut Engagement RingClassic Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring
Classic Matte Finish Wedding Band
Cobblestone Ring
Cobblestone Ring Sale price$550.00
Colour fade Sapphire ring
Colour fade Sapphire ring Sale price$3,400.00
Columbian Emerald Ring with Art Deco DetailColumbian Emerald Ring with Art Deco Detail
Complicated Hearts Bangle
Complicated Hearts Bangle Sale price$1,250.00
Connected Skulls Ring
Connected Skulls Ring Sale price$300.00
Connected Skulls with Ruby Eyes
Converse low top drops
Converse low top drops Sale price$325.00
Cornish Rex Black Cabochon RingCornish Rex Black Cabochon Ring
Cornish Rex Ring
Cornish Rex Ring Sale price$2,500.00
Crocodile Head Earrings
Crocodile Head Earrings Sale price$350.00