King St Metalsmiths by Lorrie Graham

King St Metalsmiths by Lorrie Graham

Metal Smith, jewellery collective opened at 522 King Street about 6 months ago. A silver lining born out of the ashes of the Covid pandemic. Gillian Kilgour and Vincent Bonaddio both lost their jobs at a high end jeweller at the start of the pandemic and decided the time was right for them to open their own shop.

Both have had their own work out their for years but this is business and shop are a first.
It is called a jewellery collective because they call on the talents and specialities of their network of jewellers when working on various pieces of work.

The other wonderful aspect of the business ..... is, you are encouraged to bring in pieces that maybe Gran or Aunty Florence left you and you just know you will never wear but because it has a story and meaning it can be refashioned to something you love and hold dear.

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